Friday, May 31, 2013

Random musings

I have discovered that I am a crappy patient. I don't mean that I don't follow instructions (I do) I mean in that  all I will do is sleep, wake up long enough to take meds & eat or drink whatever I can keep down, & then go back to sleep ASAP.....looking back at that, maybe I'm not a crappy patient after all lol!


After 12 days of being gone, I am home again. (YAY!!!). Granted I will be gone again Sunday night, but I missed my kids, my cat, and most of all my Hubby who makes all things right with the world when I don't feel good.

Hopefully this weekend I will be able to go see a movie with the family (Fast 6 and Star Trek are at the drive-in) Also hoping to catch up w/ my SIL after her trip to Guatemala.


Speaking of Star Trek, Harlee and I had a great discussion about Star trek and Star Wars this morning. Along with Fringe and Dr. Who, my kids share my Sci-fi/fantasy addiction. Which leads to a lot of what if questions. What if we had transporters and light sabers etc. We already have things that are close to the Tricorders used in Star Trek (isn't that cool?) I can't think of a better way to get the imagination going than discussing science what ifs.

Alright enough rumination for today. I have a house to clean and a 9 yr old to occupy =)

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