Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Well, we did it. Tanith actually managed to graduate. Then she moved out to her boyfriends. Scary stuff for this mom. She's 18. I can't tell her what to do anymore and I can't soften the consequences for her actions. From here on out it's on her.

Oh but I miss her already (yes, yes I know she just lives 10 minutes away). My silly wonderful child who makes me laugh (they all do actually, but for now I'm talking about her). Frankly though, I'm terrified. Will she make good decisions? Will she manage not to follow my footsteps in mistake making? I'm struggling with the role change. I'm now relegated to cheerleader instead of coach. Definitely enough to make me nervous.

The upside is that I have faith in her, despite my worrying (after all isn't that what mom's do?). She is a bright articulate young lady who has a good head on her shoulders (for the most part anyways lol). She will make her own mistakes and she will figure out how to solve them as well.

Though she has been accepted to Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville and previously adamant about teaching music, she is now realizing that there are many options out there and that though Trevecca is her dream school, it may not be where she needs to be. So this summer will definitely be one of exploration, research, and decisions for her.

Harlee is growing up too fast as well. She obtained her drivers license soon after we got back from Disney in April. Her and Kyle are currently working on getting her little Ranger up and running. Great father/daughter time for the two of them.

She also has a boyfriend. Not sure what I think about that yet. He's a good kid though and treats her well. They have fun together and have been friends & classmates for the last 2 years.

Poor Kyle, here I am up here in Louisville, and almost all his babies are flying the coop. I don't think either of us are ready for them to be completely gone. Even if we do give them a hard time about hurrying up and moving out.

A.J. is, well, he's himself. Today is awards day at school for him and I'm excited to hear if he got AB honor role again, which for all that he's had to deal with, is an awesome thing. He's getting soooooo big! Soon he will hit that lovely pre-puberty growth spurt and I will once again be the shortest person in the house.

This summer he will most likely spend A LOT of time with Kyle out on the farm since I will be back and forth from Louisville so much. After June though, I am hoping to bring him and Harlee up here for a week or so and spend some time exploring Louisville together. It's funny, I usually have at least one off day here in Louisville, but I rarely go exploring. I guess I want them all to experience it with me. After all isn't that what families do?

Sunday my SIL will return from her mission trip to Guatemala. I am excited to hear of her travels and experiences and so incredibly glad that she had the opportunity to do this.

Hope everyone has a great day. I've got to quit rambling on here & go do something constructive!

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