Monday, October 3, 2011

Who says Facebook is all bad?

I spend a lot of time of Facebook. More than I should actually. However I have found a game in which I don't have to find lost objects, build fictitious farms, or serve fictitious customers. Actually it allows me to play with my kids & hubby on a turn by turn basis. I can do this between classes, while waiting for an appt.  (that is if I have my puter & wi-fi access), or even here at the house like I am tonight.

What is this miraculous game you ask? Words with friends. Nothing spectacular really, it's essentially a scrabble game. The nice thing about this is that you can play multiple people at once, at your own pace, with a dictionary if needed (you know who you are!).

Tonight Kyle, Harlee, and I have been playing. I get a kick out of Harlee sitting over at the computer desk spitting and growling over a word that she can't spell because the letters on the board are in the wrong place. Kyle sits over on the couch with his laptop scratching his head over the letters he has, trying to come up with something. I sit in my chair with my laptop (surveying my kingdom lol) and we have dueling words going between the three of us.

Now some of you might ask why we don't just pull the scrabble game out? Well this way we don't have to wait till I get home and we don't have to worry about missing scrabble tiles ;)

So if you're on Facebook & would like to stretch your brain and get your family to do the same, check it out. You never know what you'll learn next!