Tuesday, June 28, 2011

They're growing up Mom!

The past 24 hours have highlighted just how fast my children are growing up.  Last night the 16 year old had her first real date.  While, I am sure some people reading this are saying, really, she is just now having her first date?  Others are probably saying she should have waited until she was 18.  Regardless of other’s opinions on my children, I think it’s a fine age to have a first date.  They had fun going to dinner and a movie.  Of course, Dad & I ended up meeting them at the Baskin Robins before the movie since we were over in that vicinity. 

There were a couple of things we noticed during the ice cream that made us very happy:  1) she didn’t change how she acted.  She was the same smart, goofy, crazy young lady at Baskin Robins in front of her date, as she was at home and around her friends.  This is an awesome thing and it tells me that she is comfortable with who she is as a person and doesn’t feel the need to change that to impress someone else.  2) Her date was polite, a little on the quiet side, but that could have had something do with Dad giving him looks too.  He treated her like a lady.  Brought her roses, bought her meal & her movie ticket, (Dad bought ice cream), and didn’t expect anything more than her company.  He was a credit to his parents, & they should be proud of him.

It was definitely a bittersweet moment.  On one hand, she is becoming a wonderful young lady full of talent and promise, on the other this is my baby.  Of all my children, she is the one most like me and I know that this is the beginning of the end of childhood.  Now, it is time to start acquiring skills that she will need to survive and thrive as an adult. Definitely growing up and of course, I’m not ready.

This morning was my indication that my 7 year old is growing up entirely too fast for my liking as well.  He spent the night at my sister’s house last night and this morning I received a text from him off my sister’s phone.  Keep in mind that the child does not have a cell phone, nor would I even contemplate it until he gets older.  He doesn’t get to play on mine either.  With the exception of my bedroom, there are no TV’s, computers, gaming systems etc, in the bedrooms of my house.  Time is limited for gaming, TV, and computer time, there are other skills to learn that don’t involve electronics…you know, like how to cook, clean, and do laundry when you don’t live near Mom anymore. 

So receiving a text from my 7 year old startled me.  We had a conversation about how silly I was all the time.  His first few texts were pretty good on the punctuation and spelling.  Then his attention started to wander and well you know what happens when a 7 year old gets bored.  They start getting silly.  Seems like yesterday we were protecting him from anything and everything because of the eczema & asthma, now it’s just a side note in his life.  He still has both but it doesn’t dominate it anymore.  My how times have changed.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Ok, I honestly did not think I was going to be writing this much today, but I read something a few minutes ago that just really ticked me off. As a consumer, student, parent, wife, etc, I research a lot of things. Anything that I have to make a decision on gets researched, extensively.

In the following article:
TN Gov. Bill Haslam stated after being "Told that health officials fear thousands of women might lose services once Planned Parenthood is denied federal money beginning in July, the governor wouldn’t acknowledge the problem. “It’s news to me if that’s true,” he said. “Nobody’s told me that.”

What's my issue with this you ask? Well, let's dissect this shall we?1) They have defunded Planned parenthood because according to the Republicans, "Planned Parenthood leads women to have abortions". Aside from being ridiculous (while I'm sure that some women choose to have an abortion, I know for a fact that Planned parenthood does not actively advocate for them), for a party that promotes small government, this smacks of "Big Brother" to me.  In the end though, what I believe has nothing to do with this rant.

What bothers me the most is his statement that "Nobody's told me that". Shame on you Gov. Haslam! I realize that you are busy, however this does not excuse you from doing research! Especially about something that concerns roughly half your constituency! Just because you are an elected official, does not mean that you are exempt from doing your own homework.

Just my 2 cents but it really is a shame that this is what we get with our elected officials!

Mrs. Martin

While this is a bit of a late addition to this rant, http://www.americanindependent.com/190839/study-shows-medicaid-backed-womens-health-program-saves-texas-millions
I thought some of you might find this interesting!

Mrs. Martin 08/24/11

My scribbles

I told you that I'm a closet thinker in my about me section, well I guess you would call me a closet writer too. I don't write enough to be commercial in any way, shape or form, but I do occasionally like to write, and it's usually poems. So, without further ado I will post some =)

Draw Me a Dragon
By Sarah Martin

Draw me a dragon
So I can hunt down its treasure
And philosophize for hours
After I’ve taken its measure

Draw me a dragon
So I can fly through the air
And see the world from afar
As we go here and there

Draw me a dragon
So I have a home for my soul
A place where it will be safe
And I know it will stay whole

Draw me a dragon
To show others who I am
Independent and intelligent
A hoarder of knowledge I am

Star struck
By:  Sarah Martin 04/28/11

Star struck child where do you go?
Your eyes are far away, seeing what I cannot
You go to places I never imagined
And leave us all behind
Star struck child were you with me just now?
Is my voice a tether or do you hear it at all
Simply a nuisance to bear till the next time you take off
Star struck child will you take me this time
To the wondrous places you go in your mind 

Don’t  Be Alarmed
By: Sarah Martin 06/24/11

Don’t be alarmed if I don’t go with you when you decide that you need entertainment
It’s not my job to ensure your happiness
Don’t be alarmed if I choose to be alone
It’s hard to listen to my own thoughts with everyone around
Don’t be alarmed if I choose not to conform to society’s rules
Some are outdated and quite harmful
Don’t be alarmed if I take off on my own journey
I don’t owe you an explanation
Don’t be alarmed because I am cynical and jaded
These eyes have seen more than you can imagine
Don’t be alarmed when I stick to my guns
Just because you did it differently, doesn’t mean that it applies to me
Don’t be alarmed when I hold you at arm’s length
Clinginess is a sign of insecurity & I know I’m not the one who is insecure
Don’t be alarmed when I pry your eyes open to something
‘Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open’
Don’t be alarmed when I make you think
Ah now you’re catching on
Don’t be alarmed when I tell you I love you
I will fiercely protect your right to just be you

 Well that's enough for now, I'm sure I'll post more later.

Mrs. Martin

An Intro: My name is.....

Good Morning, or not so good morning, depending on your preference. I'm Mrs. Martin, the creator of this blog. Why a blog you ask? Well, I wanted one. I've never been a journal/diary writer, I'm not big on confidants (they are human after all), and I have WAY too many things running around in my mind to contain it all in my skull.

There probably won't be any rhyme or reason on what I post (warning if you are OCD about structure this is probably not the place for you), however if you are feeling adventurous and you think you can hang through some of my ramblings, then grab a cup of your favorite beverage and come join the conversation.

Also, just as a side note (rules, regs, & all that fun crap). If you have a disagreement with me or someone who comments on what I write, I ask that you keep it respectful. To venture into the tacky, "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one & they all stink!", but totally true. So keep it respectful. One can disagree without ad hominem attacks or other no less revolting behavior. SO! That being said, I hope you enjoy!