Monday, June 27, 2011


Ok, I honestly did not think I was going to be writing this much today, but I read something a few minutes ago that just really ticked me off. As a consumer, student, parent, wife, etc, I research a lot of things. Anything that I have to make a decision on gets researched, extensively.

In the following article:,
TN Gov. Bill Haslam stated after being "Told that health officials fear thousands of women might lose services once Planned Parenthood is denied federal money beginning in July, the governor wouldn’t acknowledge the problem. “It’s news to me if that’s true,” he said. “Nobody’s told me that.”

What's my issue with this you ask? Well, let's dissect this shall we?1) They have defunded Planned parenthood because according to the Republicans, "Planned Parenthood leads women to have abortions". Aside from being ridiculous (while I'm sure that some women choose to have an abortion, I know for a fact that Planned parenthood does not actively advocate for them), for a party that promotes small government, this smacks of "Big Brother" to me.  In the end though, what I believe has nothing to do with this rant.

What bothers me the most is his statement that "Nobody's told me that". Shame on you Gov. Haslam! I realize that you are busy, however this does not excuse you from doing research! Especially about something that concerns roughly half your constituency! Just because you are an elected official, does not mean that you are exempt from doing your own homework.

Just my 2 cents but it really is a shame that this is what we get with our elected officials!

Mrs. Martin

While this is a bit of a late addition to this rant,
I thought some of you might find this interesting!

Mrs. Martin 08/24/11

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  1. So very true! But that is how things work. You only worry about how things affect you and people like you, never stopping to question about everyone else. I admit it is hard sometimes and can be overwhelming to try to do everything but that is why people like him have secretaries and "right hand men". Aside from that this is just one of those issues where you can't make everyone happy any way we go.