Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Music Season!

Today Tanith and Harlee go to Trousdale County to perform in the 1st Marching competition of the season. This is also the 1st year with both of them in High school (I'm still waiting for the inevitable phone call for them fighting with each other).

Here are some pics from the Community meet and greet Thursday night where they performed the show for the community. I'm also posting a link to a local newspaper article: Macon County Times Article

Harlee on the far left

Harlee on the far left in front of the trumpet player

Finally a pic of Harlee that doesn't have her face hidden by the Trombone lol 

Woodwinds & Brass Marching

Field Commander, Drumline, Guard, and Brass 

Tanith & Kasmin



Drumline, Brass, & Woodwinds


New equipment truck courtesy of the county...isn't it Da Bomb! 

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