Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall madness

Fall is here. I do believe that it cooled off as quickly as it warmed up this summer. The AC is off and it's getting nice & chilly at night. Fall also signals the start of Marching season, football season, and homecoming parades for the girls. It has been a challenge in scheduling to say the least. Kyle has been the lifesaver in all of this and I am so glad that he's in a place with his job that he can step up and take care of the things I am unable to. 

Tomorrow is the Homecoming Parade for MCHS so I will get to watch it before I head back to Louisville to work, though I won't get to see the game. It's hard to believe that Tanith is a senior this year. Seems just like yesterday that she was 2 getting Easter pictures done in Amarillo. Sigh. 

Harlee is really coming into her own this year. It's so interesting to watch the kids figure out who they want be as they go through their teen years. She's more assertive and vocal about how people are. Makes for some interesting conversations here at home. 

A.J. though, he is a trip. For those that remember the nursery rhyme, "The girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead" comes to mind. He's definitely all boy and into everything. I think by the time it's all said and done, we'll have a percussionist in the house as well as the brass that the girls play. If he hears something with a beat, he can't stay still. The legs are jiggling, fingers are tapping, and the head is bobbing. It makes car rides very interesting, especially in my little Miata. 

October is going to be crazy busy. This weekend is Homecoming and the next 2 weekends after that are competition weekends. Kyle's sister is coming down as well and we are going to get to spend time with her & her family. Oct. 26th is Senior night, so Kyle and I will be standing with Tanith as she get's recognized. I'm going to have to find someone to man my camera for that night!

Mr. M gets the Drumline ready for the Exhibition in Clay county

Tanith conducting during warm-ups at Clay county

Beginning of the show before the salute to the judges

Harlee and the low brass line during warm-up

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