Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bucket list possibilities

This morning I was perusing fellow Blogger Charlie Grosso's page Spy Travelogue that details her 10,000 mile journey across Europe & Asia for the Mongol Rally and it hit me. I should let Kyle know about this. This sounds like a lot of fun. 

For the origins and a run down of what it entails you can read the wiki on it here: Now that the info part is over (yes, I expect you to be curious about what it entails), I'll tell you why this sounds like fun.

I've mentioned before that both of us tend to be gearheads. Cars are our thing. Case in point, the Miata. Yes the car was bought for me to drive back & forth to school, but it was Kyle who found a Miata club (  for us to really enjoy the car. We've been all over the place with this club and seen many awesome things including the Biltmore, the Decatur, AL hot air balloonfest, Dallas, TX 20 yr Miata Anniversary party, and Sewanee College of the South to name a few.  For a while there we had a custody agreement over the car. I drove it during the week to school & he drove it on the weekends for club's worked out well. 

So when I told him about the Mongol Rally, you could see the wheels turning in his head. "We should do that, as sort of a bucket list thing".  What better way to really & truly experience a country (or countries as the case may be) than to drive through them? 

Granted, this will be a few years down the road when I can make enough money for the entry fees & travel, and the kids more than likely will be out of the house. But, it sounds like a blast. International travel, cars, and charity. Can't wait to get to that point in our lives. 

So with all that being said here are a few more of our bucket list items:
1. Kyle really really wants to drive on the Ice Roads. 
2. I want to live & work in Europe for at least a year.
3. We want to build a Monster Miata 

What are some of your bucket list possibilities? 

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