Saturday, February 16, 2013


Today's post is a hard one to write. I lost my father yesterday morning. He was in hospice and we knew it was coming, but it was still too soon.

My heart hurts as I look through his medical records from the VA and realize just how much he hid from us about his physical and psychological issues. My father never found peace. He roamed and wandered in an effort to find that and never did.

As a part time parent (he only had me every summer and every other Christmas and spring break) he did his best to spend time with me. I remember on more than one occasion where he stopped by the school to check on me and my grades, even though he lived 9 hours away.

He wasn't perfect, but he was who he was and our approval wasn't needed. Guess I didn't stray too far from that ideology.

Good-bye Daddy, I hope where ever you end up that you find peace and comfort.

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